Troops for Teachers
By: Jacqueline Scott | December 6, 2009 | Opinion, Politics

I just wanted to write this blog to inform the general population about a bill that is being worked through Congress called Troops for Teachers.  Now this program does exist but Congress wants to expand this program to include more troops.  As the program exists now to qualify the participant must have 6 years continuous military service to sign up. Congress wants to expand this to any service member with either 4 years of continuous service or 3 months of continuous service post September 11, 2001.  This explanation would also expand the number of schools that participate in troops for teacher.  This program focuses on filling needed math and science teacher in schools that desperately needed this.  This program is similar to Teach for America, except that Troops for Teachers actually gives money for the teacher to get certified.  I think this program is great, helping veterans find professions that will help them in society after war, and there should be more like this.

Jacqueline is the Founder of The Sexy Politico. She's a world traveler - fueled by her love for learning. She has lived in the United States and Eastern Europe, but as of now calls Wuxi, China her home. She's proudly travelled throughout the lower 48 states in America as an army brat, navigated her way from West to East in Europe, and has seen the most urban and rural areas of Southeast Asia. Through all her journeys she managed to double major in Political Science and History w/ a minor in Southeast Asian studies at Northern Illinois University, join the Peace Corps, and teach English to children on three different continents. She has learned a few things along the way she'd like to share as advice to a future world traveller: 1) Always accept a Grandmother's home-cooked meal and 2) Never lose your wits because you never know when or where you'll need them.

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