Does the ends Justify the Means

I know that this is another one of my many rants but think about it.  Do the ends always justify the mean.  Now what has gotten me to think about this topic is the recent political climate.  First of all we have all heard of those senators taking the pork for their states to pass the health care debate.  Secondly what about all those extra screening for flights, will they really catch everything.  I don’t know I’ve just been thinking about this and when is it that as a country we become vulnerable, when we aren’t vigilant, but how long can we be vigilant.  How long can a country basically stand at attention and say we are going to defeat you.  I just don’t know how long we as a society and we as a people can take all of this watching.  There was a shooting at my university in 2008 and I know that still to this day every time I hear an airplane, and every time I hear about a shooting my mind goes back to that day and those dead students.  I guess the question is do the ends justify the means?  I think the real question is how long are we going to wait for the ends to keep up with the means?


This post was written by: PurplePolitico

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