I Am A Woman Take Me Seriously

I know that this seems like a moot point to most men, the issues of women’s right.  Women have the right to vote, work, have their own bank account.  Women have the protections of rape victim shield laws and sexual harassment cases usually side with the women, and yet  women haven’t reached equality.  The simple fact, is that in today’s society women aren’t taken as seriously as men, and the person to blame for this is women.  Ok not all women.  The women who are in those rap videos or flashing their cleavage to get free drinks are perpetuating the stereotype of women as nothing more than sex objects.  I know I’m not the only woman out there who is looking for a serious and intelligent man and all I find are men who want to look at my underwear.  Look women, I know we also fought for our sexual liberation, but sometimes I think this sexual liberation has turned women into lust objects instead of equal partners.  Women, I know that we should be allowed to wear what we want and dress how we want, and men should take us seriously, but that is never going to happen.  Wearing a mini skirt and a tube top around town displays to the world that women are nothing but sex objects and should be treated as such.  We as women have to control our own image.  We as women have to not allow ourselves to be labeled as objects of desire but show those around us that we are persons who deserve to be admired.

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