Does April O'Neil Prevent Child Abuse
By: Jacqueline Scott | December 6, 2010 | Opinion, Sex & Gender
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Now I know we have all noticed that our friends have changed their profile pictures in the last few days to cartoon characters.  I joined the bandwagon and changed mine to April O’Neil, the spunky newswoman from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  When your friend become Snorks or my little ponies you begin to ask questions.  It turns out that this is a part of an anti-child abuse campaign.  I don’t know if everyone got the memo.  But anyhow does it work, does it raises awareness?  Yes and no.  I think that it made some people think about child abuse, but I don’t think it did more than that.  Everyone knows that child abuse is bad, but the Facebook message that went with the wall post didn’t come with information such as “if you suspect a child is being abused please call,” or “if you are a victim of child abuse call.”  It was just this blanket statement, child abuse is bad.  Great I know that now next week we will change our Facebook profiles to vegetables to say that we should exercise.  These Facebook campaigns need more action behind them.


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