SOPA, PIPA, Black Outs and Black March, Who do they really hurt?
By: Jacqueline Scott | January 21, 2012 | Opinion, Politics

I was trolling through Facebook this morning, darn habit I need to quit, but anyway I saw this image on a friend's Facebook page.  If you read the whole thing it basically says that we should boycott purchasing any media as a protest to the media industry's support of SOPA and PIPA.  This leads me to a few questions about the SOPA/PIPA protests.  First if you don't know what SOPA and PIPA are please read my previous post.  On January 18th many well-known sites blacked out their pages in protest to SOPA and PIPA, this included Wikipedia and our own WordPress.  These sites wanted to show the world what the internet would be like without the ability to load user content freely.  These protests I understand.  These protests were able to garner large amounts of national attention and get the politicians talking.  This form of protesting served its purpose.  Now how will Black March help.  The reason for these bills is because the music and movie industry believe that overseas file sharing companies like are stealing their profits.  All this protest would do is give more ammunition to these industries.  What we need to do as people who want a free internet, that allows one to exchange new ideas is to propose alternatives.  If these bills were about file sharing only, people wouldn't be freaking out so badly, but these bills are about policing all content on the internet, and we need to show other solutions to this problem.  Solutions like Black March would only hurt the little guy, the author who is struggling to make it, the artist who is on the Indie Circuit, the film maker with a creative idea, and those are the people we want to support.


Jacqueline is the Founder of The Sexy Politico. She's a world traveler - fueled by her love for learning. She has lived in the United States and Eastern Europe, but as of now calls Wuxi, China her home. She's proudly travelled throughout the lower 48 states in America as an army brat, navigated her way from West to East in Europe, and has seen the most urban and rural areas of Southeast Asia. Through all her journeys she managed to double major in Political Science and History w/ a minor in Southeast Asian studies at Northern Illinois University, join the Peace Corps, and teach English to children on three different continents. She has learned a few things along the way she'd like to share as advice to a future world traveller: 1) Always accept a Grandmother's home-cooked meal and 2) Never lose your wits because you never know when or where you'll need them.

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