2012 Elections

Super Tuesday

Nope, sorry, there isn’t a holiday that is actually going to bring us the perfect Republican candidate for President. Super Tuesday is the day where ten different states have contests that will bring more delegates than all the other contests combined.  This day is a make or break day for most candidates and normally is the day that candidates know whether or not they will have the nomination.

Currently, that isn’t the case–it’s too close to call.  Most believe that Romney will edge out the Super Tuesday contest Because most states have gone to proportional voting as opposed to the “winner take all” style of the past, there isn’t going to be the big jump in delegate numbers that other candidates would have seen on Super Tuesday.  While I pray that anyone but Santorum or Gingrich gets the Republican nomination, it is still too close to call.  I hope this day will narrow things down and make the race easier to digest.  I have no faith that the Republican party can find a candidate that will be able to rally enough voters to beat the President. Obama is a very strong force–when he goes into full campaign mode we will see him pull no punches.  I will be interested to see what happens this summer, especially after the convention.

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