2012 Elections

My Perfect Candidate

After reading about all these candidates that I have so many issues with, I felt like describing my perfect candidate.

My perfect presidential candidate has executive experience in either government or the private sector. He or she is well-educated, believes in individual liberties, but still has a moral backbone.  Realizes that “to protect the common defense” doesn’t always mean having to go to war.  My candidate would realize that he or she is trying to be the face of a nation–not an interest group.  My candidate would care about social issues even if he or she didn’t believe in government paying for social issues. Would believe in allowing the institutions to develop naturally, and allow the tax code to be free enough to do so.  My perfect candidate would remember that this is a government for the people and by the people.

I just needed to fantasize for a few minutes.  The next post will be about real life.

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