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The first time I have ever agreed with Donald Trump

So Republicans seem to be trying to catch the youth vote with this campaign commercial.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lhXGkeMdOJs  In this post paid for by the Karl Rove linked Super Pac, Obama is painted as a celebrity president, and then those who watch are asked, is your life any better?  Now for the real kicker, Donald Trump, former almost Republican, tried to trademark, “your fired,” friend of the birthers said while on a call with MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe“, “I thought it was one of the worst commercials, in terms of what they were trying to do, that I’ve ever seen.”  This commercial actually makes Obama look cool, and anyone who knows how interest rates work know that it’s up to congress and not the president to fix those sorts of issues. Trump then continues, “They are making Obama look great,” Trump said. “They are making him look like that’s the man we want to be president. I looked at that clip very closely, and actually, I couldn’t believe it.”  This is the first time I absolutely agree with Trump, this commercial is a horrible way of making Obama look bad.

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