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The Tweet and Sandra Fluke

Now for those of us who have a short political memory Sandra Fluke is the woman who went in front of the Senate committee about birth control at her university, supporting full access to birth control with no exceptions for religious organizations.  She became “infamous” when Rush Limbaugh called her a slut and said that if the government was going to pay for her birth control we should have the right to watch.

Sandra Fluke has recently become engaged to her long time boyfriend.  What to most people would be a happy time filled with congratulations was a little different for Fluke.  Monica Crowley, a conservative radio host and Fox News commentator, tweeted after hearing the announcement of Fluke’s engagement, “To a man?” and then responded by stating that, “I love exposing the Left’s total lack of a sense of humor.”  Fluke has gone on to MSNBC stating that she felt that Crowley’s comment was homophobic and feels that Crowley should apologize to the LGBT community for her blatant homophobia.

Here is my question, you are in the media, you have people who follow and support you, you choose to have a social media account, and you think that nobody is going to read what you have to say?  You think that people, especially the left who support Sandra Fluke, aren’t going to be outraged by a comment such as that.  It just seems naïve of Crowley to think something like that.  My other question is, when did people think that social media was a place to put all of our hopes, dreams, and opinions out in public.  It just seems like people are forgetting the fact that the internet, and social media especially is a public gathering place, and just like any other gathering place you have to know your audience.  Saying homophobic comments on twitter isn’t appropriate.  And I hope others will learn the lessons of the recent people to find issues with their social media pages.

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