Dr Phil on PTSD


Seriously, Dr Phil had an episode of his show called “From Heroes to Monsters” discussing extreme cases of Iraqi war veterans dealing with PTSD.  I am highly offended at the title of this show, and the way the subject matter was dealt with.  He implied that these men were monsters, and they are “damaged goods.”  He implied that our brave men and women who come home with the worst kind of wounds, mental scars are monsters.  He never showed mild cases of PTSD, he didn’t show there is a range.  On a subject matter that the majority of the population is ill-informed about Dr Phil is teaching the viewing audience that we should fear people who come home with this illness.  Because they are going to hurt us and be a burden to us.  Men and women who have PTSD have come home to lead healthy and productive lives.  Dr Phil needs to apologize to our men and women overseas.  I know after this incident that I will cease to watch his program and I hope that others will do the same.  Thank you

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