2012 Elections

Pandering to young people could hurt us in the end

All the politicians agree that student loan rates shouldn’t be doubled.  Well, this is what they say now, and yet because it’s an election year, the Republican-controlled Congress is trying to score political points.  The Republicans seem to be against women having mammograms and pap smears so much that they are going to use a fund to help low-income women to pay for this rate deduction.  This is what people forget: that in order for us to have lower interest rates on our student loans, the money has to come from somewhere.  I found the Republicans more respectful when they said that they didn’t want to pay for rate deductions and wanted to put this on the states or the free market.  Maybe this could teach kids to take out fewer student loans.  Right now, I am finding the Republicans in the House very slimy because they know that Obama will veto their bill and then they will try to use this as political fodder to help their campaign.  We, as voters, need to not let this political sleight of hand be a part of out voting choice this November.  Remember what is important to you and don’t forget: it’s about the economy.

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