Rand Paul Says: "Stop Groping our Toddlers and Grandmothers"
By: Jacqueline Scott | May 4, 2012 | Opinion, Politics

In a continuation of Rand Paul's fight against TSA.  Please refer to my first article on this:  How much Power Does TSA Have.  Rand Paul has begun a campaign to get rid of TSA who he says violates our privacy, and he says violates our civil liberties in exchange for security.  He is encouraging people to add their names to an anti-TSA liberty campaign.  Matt Hawes of the libertarian-leaning Campaign for Liberty says the push is necessary because "the government literally has its hands in our pants."  We know that both Rand and Ron Paul have battled with TSA on a few occasions.  So their opinions are skewed.  Here is the better question, is TSA necessary?  Is TSA protecting us?  I've never had any issues with TSA other than the annoyance of taking off my shoes at the airport.  What do you think?

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