Beastie Boys Being Sued
By: Jacqueline Scott | May 9, 2012 | Opinion, Politics

Tuf America, the label record currently representing DC-area go-go band Trouble Funk filed a law suit a few days ago against the Beastie Boys over alleged sampling.  This filing was poorly timed because it happened one day before the death of founding member Adam Yaunch.  According to documents two of Troubled Funks records were sampled DECADES ago by the Beastie Boys and that it took so long for the sampling to be found because it was effectively unrecognizable to the naked ear and took through sound analysis to find this alleged sampling.  The album Paul’s Boutique, one of the albums said to contain illegally obtained samples, is said to contain over 300 samples, most obtained legally.  I have a few questions about this law suit, one if it is unrecognizable to the naked ear, then how do you know it’s your sample, and further more do you legally own the idea of a beat?  Secondly isn’t there a statute of limitations on this?  I know that there have been new copyright laws since this, but Licenced to Ill came out before I could walk, and one cannot file a suit on something using a law that didn’t exist when that law was broken in America.  Is this suite legitimate and ill-timed or is this band trying to drum up publicity and I am helping by writing a blog post about them?  With all of these laws coming through the Senate with SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, CISPA and others that I don’t even know about will all the Godfathers of rap be put on trial because of the rampant sampling they did in the late 1970s and early 1980s?

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