My Opinion on Santorum’s Endorcement


I have already posted in Santorum Endorses Romney the letter that Ric Santorum sent to his supporters stating his reasons for supporting the presumptive nominee.  Here’s the truth, the Republican party is looking to delete Obama in November, the party doesn’t need this candidate hanging out there that some may believe would run in a third-party, or have a large group of supporters not voting.  That’s the one thing Republicans’s fear, the Christian conservatives choosing not to vote.  Do I believe that Santorum honestly supports Romney, not on your life.  Do I believe that the Republicans are trying to get votes, yes.  Do I think this will solidify the party and make the Republicans a strong unit able to easily defeat Obama?  Not on your life.  This primary season has been unbelievable nasty and has given a lot of political ammunition for the Democrats to use.  While each side starts to move more towards the center to reach the average voter Romney has the problem that he’s never had the faith of the Republican right.  And Obama is going to make sure to show the tapes and speeches of Santorum and Romney against each other.  I don’t see any way for the Republicans to gain strength and move forward to victory.  I am looking forward to an entertaining election season though.

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