Mommy Facebook Suit


Yes I am enjoying reading about lawsuits lately.  Here’s the newest one.  A mom in California is suing Facebook because her kid racked up Facebook credit charges without her permission.  In California there are laws that prevent minors from buying things online without their parent’s permission and on Facebook you cannot purchase anything if you are under 18 without your parent’s permission.  This mom Glynnis Bohannon says that this isn’t enough and is filing a 5 million dollar lawsuit, that I am sure she is looking to turn into a class action lawsuit.  I definitely fall under the side of parental responsibility.  If  your child has a Facebook account, they need a credit card to buy Facebook credit.  IF the parent gives this credit card information freely to their child, whose fault is it if the child uses it.  AND if the parent doesn’t check if they deleted the credit card information so the child doesn’t use it without their permission whose fault is it?  I feel as though this mom is looking to blame Facebook instead of looking at herself and her child to blame for the credit card bill.

This post was written by: PurplePolitico

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