Obama Angers Polish
By: Jacqueline Scott | May 30, 2012 | Opinion, Politics

In America we are used to the idea of cultural sensitivity and cultural tolerance all the time.  On slip of the tongue and a person could receive a verbal backhand that would make any person cry.  This is what the president is dealing with.  According to Fox News, “The White House said the president misspoke Tuesday in bestowing the Medal of Freedom posthumously on Jan Kozielewski, alias Karski, a Polish emissary who in 1943 alerted Allied leaders to mass killing of Jews. In order to gather first-hand evidence he risked his life and was secretly smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto and a death camp.”  So what was so offensive that the Polish Prime Minster spoke up, the president said “Polish Death Camps.” apparently in Poland it is a culturally sensitive topic.  Because there were so many Polish killed during this time period the correct term is “Nazi Death Camp in occupied Poland.” It’s not unusual, as someone with a history degree, to hear “German Death Camp”and to know that not all Germans were apart of the killing.  I know this is a culturally sensitive subject, but the president was correctly referring to the location of the death camp while giving out an award for bravery.  I am sure his speech writer has been yelled at for not knowing this cultural misstep, because we all know that presidents don’t write their own speeches, why can’t we give the president a break?

Photo Via AP