Romney Conservative of Convenience?



Can Romney ever escape the notion that he isn’t a real conservative?  I was having a political discussion with my father the other day.  My father is die-hard anti-Obama, and was stating that he felt that McCain was fighting a loosing battle, because Obama didn’t have a large political record to pick at, which made it difficult for McCain to criticize him.  Now Obama has a political track record for Romney to pick at and that should make things easier for Obama, the problem is Romney also has an extensive political track record, and not the kind that a Republican presidential candidate would want.  It is an uphill battle for Mitt Romney to obtain political “street cred” with conservative Republicans because he has none.  He don’t have anything to show other than his word saying that he’s a conservative.  His past is going to haunt him for this entire election and it seems to me that fed-up Republicans may not end up voting, if he can’t win their trust.  There is no base anymore for the Republican party to say, “This is who we are and this is what we stand for.”  You may find financially conservative people who are socially liberal or socially conservative people who are more financially liberal.  I think that this election is going to be an uphill battle for Romney also because the Tea Party, although not the majority of the party, are still a voting block and a bit of a force to reckon with, I don’t know if these people would vote for Romney just because, he isn’t Obama.  It is sad to say but this election seems to be Obama versus Not Obama.

This post was written by: PurplePolitico

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