By: Jacqueline Scott | November 6, 2012 | Politics

Yippy!  It’s election day in America.  That means the news can now spend the next few weeks analyzing why Ohio, Florida, and other states voted the way they did.  Your TV commercials can get back to their regular scheduled program of selling you stuff instead of people, and MAYBE politicians can get back to the difficult work of running a nation.  I know crazy idea, but still, the economy isn’t great, unemployment isn’t below 5%, the national debt is still climbing, and our nation’s healthcare debate I am sure still isn’t over.  I am happy that for at least a few months our politicians can get to work being leaders of the nation again instead of campaigning for themselves or their friends.  So no matter who you are, if you are American and vote please do so, and tell our politicians to get their butts back to work.