The Oscar Gaff…

On Sunday February 26th, the 89th annual Acadamy Award celebration took place. Last year the Oscars were souronded my contraversy of racism.  This year both supporting actor Oscars went to people of color.  It seems as though the Oscars did look at its nomination process this year.

If it hadn’t of been for the last fifteen minutes of the Oscars the only thing of note would have been the number of jabs Jimmy Kimmel made at President Trump and acidentally putting a living person in the “in memory” video that they do every year.

When Warren Beatty and Faye Dunnaway stepped on stage they were ment to announce the winner for Best Picture.  The most covated Oscar of the night.  Beatty can be seen looking at the card, Dunnaway asking why he didn’t announce it, him showing her the card and Dunnaway announcing, “La La Land.”  La La Land is a story about Hollywood, and the sort of movie to win best picture, so nobody was surprised.  But a few minutes later the mistake was rectified and the true winner was announced Moonlight.

The fallout over the last couple of days has been about fingerpointing.  Blaming Beatty, when Dunnaway acturally said La La Land, blaming the accounting office.  At the end of the day an important flim earned Best Picture, and everyone is ok with it.

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