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Who do I Blame for the Government Shutdown

Monday, October 14th, 2013
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This morning I was sitting in my apartment eating my delicious egg pancake thing that I still need to learn what it is called, catching up on Facebook.  I kept reading about who people “blame” for the government shutdown and I thought I would give you my list of people I blame for the government shut down, in no particular order.  And please remember this is an opinion piece.

1:  The liberal media.  I am taking no prisoners here.  I keep reading about and hearing about how the Republicans won’t compromise and that they shut the government down over a bill that the Congress already passed (which is true), but what about the liberal media?  The liberal media would constantly give Obama flack if he ever compromised, ever listened to, ever talked to the Republicans.  At the beginning of his administration Obama was able to push his agenda through because he had a Super-majority.  When he lost that at first he was playing nice with the new members of Congress, even though they weren’t playing nice back with him.  And when he did, the liberal media was up in arms.  Take a look at the Affordable Healthcare Act, that was a compromise, that wasn’t what the democrats wanted, it was a Republican compromise.  The media forgets about how much crap they gave Obama for compromising.


2:  The conservative media.  The conservative media takes more time scaring the American people over “death panels” and “Obama’s Birth certificate” than giving me information that I can believe.  I know that not everything that comes out of a journalists mouth in accurate, and that everything has a spin, but I feel as though there is a 360 degree spin when I watch them.  This media has made it so the Republican members of Congress feel as though they can’t compromise, they can’t negotiate and that they can’t meet in the middle with the Democrats.

3:  Obama.  Just had to put him on the list, but the truth is until there is a budget bill on his desk he chooses to veto, I can’t blame him for the shutdown.  I can blame him for some of the liberal rhetoric, but the truth is he has been damned if he does damned if he doesn’t from day one, due to this media on both sides of the political spectrum.  So I throw my hands up on this one.

4:  The Congress.  THIS IS WHO I REALLY BLAME FOR THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.  These House and Senate members took an oath to defend the constitution, not the people who buy their elections.  The Founding Fathers wanted political discourse but not a group of men and women who put their own self-interest (getting re-elected) above the American people.  I hope they all realize this when they are out of a job in November.

The Chief Justice and the Healthcare Ruling

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

I really don’t want to focus on whether or not I think Obama‘s Healthcare bill is a good thing, I do btw, what I want to focus on is the Chief Justice Robert’s statement: “Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness.”  I read this statement to say, it’s not a justice’s job to give an opinion on something being right or wrong, good or bad, just Constitutional, or Unconstitutional.   I love when Republican Justices, who promised not to be “Judaical Activists” aren’t, and they stick to a strict constructionist view, in their own opinion because as we all know nobody can believe that the constitution could stat exactly the same as it was originally written, and these Justices have to give opinion of the intention of the law.  Do I think that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or James Madison would have been for this law, I don’t know, times were vastly different then, the idea of a welfare state hadn’t reached America, although these men knew the trouble that starving people were causing in France.  I am not a judge, nor do I pretend to be.  It is nice to know that the Chief Justice is standing by his word and not being a Judicial Activist.

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I seriously Don’t Understand Politicians

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
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Ok I get it, Obama was pushing his own agenda with healthcare reform and more social reform than the people were looking for and the Republicans took a major victory in the midterm election.  Now it looks to me that the Republicans are doing the same darn thing now that they are in power.  According to the New York Times published yesterday, and here is the link , with this new surge in Republican power state lawmakers are looking to pass restrictions and bans on abortion.  Now anybody who reads this blog knows my opinion on abortion, and that would go on another post, but my real question is , what about jobs?  The thing that people really care about, job creation, and stimulating the economy.  Now most polls indicate an increased consumer confidence at the moment but still as Bill Clinton said during his first run for office, “it’s the economy stupid.”  It seems to me we will have a repeat of the 1996 election and hopefully the same economy that Clinton left us with, but not the philandering or the threat of Osama again.  Who knows, but I’m just saying that seriously law makers need to remember that they are elected for the people and not their party agenda.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire Fox and Friends

Monday, April 5th, 2010

So my folks are not fans of Obama, and this morning they were watching Fox and Friends and the doctor on who was on the show today, Dr. Jack Cassell, falsely claimed without challenge that under the health care reform law, hospice care is “going to be totally cut in 2012,” adding, “[T]hey want you to die a slow and painful death.” Now this just sounded like BS to me so i went to the horse’s mouth.  So if you are ready to read a lot go to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization website,  According to their website there will be streamlining cuts, to the tune of 6.8 billion dollars, beginning in 2019.  Here is my question, when is it right to ever lie on the news, they deceive but have facts to back them up but gosh this is a lie.  Fox and Friends should know the power that they have and how what they say affects the conservative belief.  Fox and Friends shame on you.


Letter to a Congressperson

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Dear Sir or Ma’am:

I am a politically active citizen of this country and I want to say something about healthcare reform and how you and your co-congresspersons have been acting in the media.  Over the last year all I have heard is fighting and arguing, and the use of slogans to get what you want.  This back and forth has gotten so bad that most Americans say that they don’t want healthcare reform, and when asked to elaborate the people say that they are tired of hearing about healthcare.  And that is the truth, Americans are tired of the slogans, banter, and hateful language, when in reality we want to be helped.  I want to be able to see my gyno and not have it cost my whole paycheck. I want the kids I teach to be able to see a doctor when they have an ear infection.  We as Americans want something a lot more simple than what the Congress and media portrays.  We as americans want affordable healthcare.  I am not a congressperson, you are.  It is your job to figure out how to do that, but it is your job to figure out how to do it in a way that is the best for the American people and not your pocket books.  Please think of the people before you think of yourself.




Oh My God Our Senators Work in the Snow!!!

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

I know I know that title is a bit melodramatic  but let’s be honest here.  I find it really funny that when pundits talk about how the Senators are working so close to Christmas, which I find awesome, they always add in the snow.  It’s pretty hilarious that they always add in the snow, like snow is special in December.  Now for the real important news, the Senate has clinched healthcare before Christmas   Now that is the real historical news.  They have the sixty votes.  Now that doesn’t mean that healthcare reform has passed, just close.  Now the House and Senate bills have to be reconciled, and there are some big differences in these bills.  The biggest difference being with the issue of abortion, and that issue is going to be the biggest delay in finalizing healthcare reform.  I expect a consensus bill by Valentines Day.  What do you think?


Health Care Passes!! When I am 30

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Maybe I’m just a little pessimistic but I don’t see this health care bill being agreed on and passed by both houses for a while.  None of those people in Washington seem to know what they think is best for Americans when in reality all we need is health insurance.  that’s it.  Don’t tell me who, what, when and where I can go or do with my body.  I just need help with my yearly gyno and if I am sick and need to go to the doctor.  That’s it.  So please tell me why can’t these guys make up their minds.

I’m not saying that this country needs universal healthcare, what we need is affordable healthcare.  It’s cheaper for a person to go to the doctor and get cough medicine then for the american tax payers to pay for bronchitis medication.  Maybe insurance reform would be better, IDK but what I am saying is that we need some sort of system where people can go to the doctors for physical and preventative care without it costing an arm and a leg.


The Stupak-Pitts Amendment

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

I don’t know if many people know about this, so I am wanting to bring it to light.  Now as the law is written the Federal Government cannot directly pay for abortions for those on Medicaid, except in the cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life but the law does allow for the state to delegate money for Medicaid patients for such procedures.  The Stupak- Pitts amendment, which was passed with the House’s version of the bill would not allow anyone who is on Federal Insurance to have their abortions paid for.  This law also doesn’t leave the room that the current law allows for the states to re-delegate money for abortions for those who choose that option.  Now if Healthcare reform passes with the Stupak-Pitts amendment this would restrict access to abortions to many more women.

It seems so strange that during this time of great debate that so many issues of women’s health and women’s reproductive health are being questioned and it is starting to bug me.  It just seems to be we as a country are taking so many steps back, what’s next not allowing the pill to be covered under federal health insurance, i’m sure they would never not cover Viagra.  What’s next.  i guess we’ll see.

HealthCare Passes the House 220-215

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Part one of real health care reform has begun. With the House passing health care reform 220-215 it is now up to the Senate to get this bill to the president, but I don’t think it will be as easy as some think. This issue has been decisive. And with President Obama’s creditably riding on this issue, nobody is going to take this issue lightly. The biggest bone of contention being the “Public Option.” Which some believe takes away choice, and in this country nobody ever wants to take away choice. My question to those who are against the Public Option, doesn’t the word option signify choice. Well it isn’t your choice to pay the billions of dollars each year that trickles down to the taxpayer who has to pay the medical bills of the poor and uninsured. These bills being higher because when these people reach a doctor’s office it is more likely they will be sicker, and more in need of care. This H1N1 epidemic really shows the necessity for each American to be able to reach solid medical care, and to not flood our emergency rooms. I just think that a bigger fight is about to brew, and we as Americans, I hope, will benefit and not suffer.

Lazy Blogger and Healthcare

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

So I have started a new job, and because of that I have become a lazy blogger. I enjoy having a real life away from my computer, although alas writing my opinions really doesn’t take that long if i don’t do any research.

So I’m sure all of you out there either watched President Obama’s health care speech or at least snippets of it and I have to say masterstroke of trying to get his point across. It really seems to me that the real issue of health care reform has fallen by the wayside and that bickering has taken over, and like a daddy who grabs his fighting kids by the hair and yanks them apart he told them both to stop it. But all of us who have siblings do know that isn’t going to happen.

There were some great points to his health care plan that I did like. One making it illegal to deny somebody health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. Number two making it illegal to drop health care because of illness. These are both real things that happen everyday. I know that it will be months before the nitty-gritty is passed but it would be nice to have health insurance that I could afford. Even when I was unemployed I made too much money for Medicaid.