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Rosen Comment? War on Women?

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Why is the Rosen comment still relevent?  Considering that this woman has been forced to apologize, forced to backtrack, and been treated like dirt by both parties.  Is there this “War on Women” that Democrats have been touting?  What’s going on here?  I honestly believe that both candidate have nothing better to show for the economy, which is what people really need.  It isn’t good rhetoric and doesn’t make a good show when a candidate says, “yup we need more jobs.”  Then you take into consideration the issue of foreigners, and other things like that candidates don’t want to touch that.  The other issues there are to look at are social.  For some reason politicians seem to be tired of gay people, so they have decided to dust off an oldie, but a goodie, abortion and birth control.  It seems to me that both sides of the political spectrum are trying to get votes, well that’s obvious, and they are playing now to their core bases.  Either extreme liberals, or extreme conservatives and that is how you win a primary, but that isn’t how you win a general election.  I wonder if this will die down and the real issues of the nation will be heard after the primaries are locked up officially.

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Open Mouth insert Foot

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Hilary Rosen, who is this woman?  Well while I have been off celebrating Easter a week late due to Bulgaria following a different religious calendar I get to see this Daily Show Mitt Needs Moms.  Now what is this?  Apparently Hilary Rosen did the stupidest thing that any liberal could do now, and actually attack the nuclear family, and say that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life.  For those of you who don’t know Ann Romney is a homemaker who raised Mitt Romney‘s five children.  Being a stay at home mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world, I don’t know how hard it is exactly seeing that I don’t have kids, but I could only imagine.  In the wake of the Republican’s attacking women’s freedom of choice it is an outrage for Rosen to be attacking freedom of choice on the other end.  The true idea of freedom of choice for women doesn’t mean that all women will be executives, some women want to stay at home, some women will be mothers, because that is the choice that she made, and there is nothing wrong with that choice.  It is disgusting to me to see that someone who is trying to make a reasonable argument about women, and their beliefs doesn’t see that women can choose whatever she pleases and that other women don’t need to be putting each other down.  Ann Romney may be a wealthy woman who never had to hold a job to make ends meet, but we don’t begrudge Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, both who worked outside the home and both who are wealthy women.  Every woman should have the right to choose how she wants to live her life.  We should be celebrating each other, because I am sure that if Hilary Rosen had raised five children she would think it was a difficult job.