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Mary Cheney Gets Hitched

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Former Vice Presidential daughter Mary Cheney was married to her long time partner Heather Poe on Friday.  According to the Huffington Post, “In a statement, Cheney and his wife, Lynne, said the couple got married in Washington on Friday. The Cheneys said the two had been in a committed relationship for many years and they were delighted that they could take advantage of the ‘opportunity to have the relationship recognized.'”  Same sex marriage is currently recognized in Washington DC and six other states:  Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.  Former Vice President Cheney had been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage.  I hope that this statement that Cheney has made shows a change in belief, especially since the couple has two children.  President Obama has recently stated his public support for gay marriage.  I want to wish the happy couple good luck in their future.

New Hampshire, the first Primary

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

The New Hampshire Primary is the first Primary that these candidates had to face.  Remember as I have stated in a previous post, a cacus is a collection of those who hold the same political beliefs who then choose among the candidates.  More in a town meeting type format.  A Primary is when there is an actual election.  According to Mitt Romney won with 39.3% of the vote giving him 5 delegates at the convention, Ron Paul took second with 22.9% of the vote receiving 3 delegates, and Huntsman received 16.9% of the vote receiving 2 delegates.  Now a few, such as myself wonder if all of the negative press by Santorum and Gingrich actually hurt their chances because both only received 9.4% of the vote.  The major players in this election, although the media do not like to admit it, are Romney and Paul.  Both who stand by their principles and who do not sway towards popular opinion just because they think it will get them elected.  This proves this model wrong.  I am looking forward to South Carolina, that is an important state for Republicans.  I want to see what will happen next.


Wow, these Candidates are going crazy

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012
Cover of "Mean Girls (Special Collector's...

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I know that is quite the blanket statement but that’s the best way to describe what’s going on at the New Hampshire primary.  Just reading the comments that Gingrich especially making about Romney, there is NO WAY IN HECK, that Gingrich will ever win as a Republican.  Republicans are about free market economy, survival of the fittest, and about everyone having an equal ability to become rich.  Gingrich is making comments that better belong on an Occupy Wall Street poster.  There is no way that if Gingrich’s comments do help him, that he will make it past South Carolina.  He is feeding into popular support and is showing that he has no backbone as a candidate.  Santorum on the other hand clearly stated his support for the free market and has not been playing into the game of “Bash Mitt Romney.”  While these men are playing out the New Hampshire primaries like the movie Mean Girls what will happen to the Republican party and the election.  It’s only eleven months away.


The Hail Mary Pass into New Hampshire…

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

New Hampshire, first in the nation to vote for a potential candidate.  What?  Is that statement off to you considering that Iowa was so important.  Remember Iowa was a Caucus, a collection of people from the party stating which candidate they like the best.  Imagine picking teams for kick ball in grade school, and then imagine that you had millions of dollars and annoying television adds playing behind you.  New Hampshire is a primary.  A primary is where you actually vote, and cast a secret ballot.  You don’t have the embarrassment of your friends knowing which guy you support.  Now why is New Hampshire a “hail mary” pass for some of these candidates.  Many of these candidates, Gingrich and Huntsman as examples, were only able to pull single digit numbers in Iowa.  Not good at all, and if they are not able to pull double digit numbers at least in New Hampshire it shows their campaigns to be ineffective and that their support should go to another candidate.  Hopefully after New Hampshire we will have two or three Republican Candidates and the party can start solidifying, if not there is no way that the party can get themselves  back together in time to beat Obama in the general election.


An Important Question for the Republican Party

Friday, January 6th, 2012
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After seeing the ridiculously close returns for the Iowa Caucus and now moving into the New Hampshire primary my question for Republicans is this, Will you support a candidate that you kind of like?  This is a primary race where the person who is at the top, nobody wants to be president.  It’s so strange, so many people are looking for the “anti- Romney” candidate, and yet how is he leading all these poles.  If he is so different, so much against the Republican grain why is it that people, large amounts of people, are supporting him.  What about someone like Paul or Santorum?  What if either of these gentlemen is able to take the top spot?  Most political analysts know that South Carolina is one of the major states for Republicans, so those results will be very important.  My question for Republicans is this, will the party rally behind a Romney or a Paul, or will a third party candidate show up?  And if that happens, how can you expect to compete?  A Mitt Romney or a Ron Paul can catch voters that are disheartened by President Barak ObamaRick Santorum, not so much.  Republicans, get your heads out of your butts and realize that with a Romney or a Paul, you may have a shot at winning without them however I see the doom of a third party and a victory for Obama.


Iowa Caucus

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
Iowa Caucus - Illustration

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I am now officially back from my Turkish vacation, eating my half kilo of Turkish Delights and reading about the Iowa Caucus.  I think this may just be me, but I sometimes like to imagine a political race like watching American Gladiators, especially “The Eliminator,” and see how they survive.  Herman Cain could not defeat the “sex scandal” obstacle, and it seems as though Michele Bachmann has hit the “popularity snag.”  And Mr. Gingrich may lose the hike over “morality mountain.”  We look at the top three contenders from the Iowa Cacus, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.  Now Romney technically won the Iowa Caucus, by 8 votes.  In the sports world that’s a photo finish, but in a political primary that means absolutely nothing.  Considering that Romney and Santorum each held roughly 24.6% of the vote, and Paul held about 21% of the vote.  The Republicans were hoping that the Iowa caucus would give a better indication of who would be the candidate to defeat Obama, or at least who would be the “anti Romney” candidate and now the party is more disjointed than ever.  Now we will see more trash talk and villany pulled out of these candidates with average citizens having to pick from the best of back stabbers and cheats?!  Most Democrats I know see the Republican race as a melodrama being played out on national television for their entertainment, and it is, because the party will not be strong enough to defeat Obama if they can’t get their party in order.  On to New Hampshire, bring a towel though to wipe your face from all the mud these candidates will be slinging at each other.


Your 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate… Andy Martin

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Andy Martin, who is this man?  According to this man has filed court actions on numerous elections, so many in fact that there are states that have injunctions on his filing court cases.  He has run for many political offices as well.  He has helped initiate hundreds of court cases and has filed over 250 himself.  His real claim to fame though is being “King of the Birthers,” you know those group of crazy people who were trying to discredit Obama, not for his politics but because they assume that he wasn’t born in America.  He is a very colorful character that I don’t know will be able to receive enough middle of the road support because of his wild antics and rumour spreading past.

While looking at Martin’s official website I couldn’t find much of anything.  Not a platform, not a list of things he would do if he were to get elected.  I find it interesting that even Wikipedia doesn’t mention this run for presidency.  It’s as though he is just looking for mony for his hate speech and this is how he does it, by running for office.  I really don’t see this man as a legitimate candidate for president.  There are definitely better choices out there from the bunch.

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Your Republican Presidential Candidates… Vern Wuensche

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Hello readers.   As promised I will begin a series of weekly postings about the Republican Presidential candidates, that way if you are a Republican you can make an informed decision, and if you are not, then at least you know what you are talking about when you are mocking individual candidates.  First of all I would like to say that I am taking my list of candidates from the website .  I know that some of you out there will disagree with me not including such characters as Sarah Palin, but as of yet she has not declared her candidacy and I am not taking my time for people who won’t make up their minds.  So to begin the first candidate I will bring to you, in reverse alphabetical order is Vern Wuenche.

Verne Wuenche pronounced (win she) is a tenacious candidate who has spent his entire life proving people wrong and doing so on the regular person’s budget.  He is a business man out of the state of Texas.  Wuensche isn’t one of the most popular candidates but his points of view are very down to earth, and maybe a little naïve.  People on unemployment don’t want to work because they get money for free, so let’s take them off unemployment so they will find jobs.  As opposed to realizing that these magical jobs don’t exist.  Wuensche ran in 2008 and was able to place 10th, in a field of 17 in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries while only spending $36,159, which he is very proud about.  Here is the link of his beliefs and campaign point but the ones that really got to me were, eliminate unions, allow the line item veto, repeal the minimum wage, create a state based id card system (don’t we already have that?), reinstate ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ (why does he put that under national security?),focus on preventive health care, require proof of citizenship to vote (only american citizens can vote), institute term limits on congressmen, repeal hate crime laws (that’s an american value?).  Yes this guy who has a lot of point that people agree with also has a lot of points that make no sense whatever.  But alas he is one of the choices that Republicans have.  So let’s see what happens in Iowa again.