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The Hail Mary Pass into New Hampshire…

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

New Hampshire, first in the nation to vote for a potential candidate.  What?  Is that statement off to you considering that Iowa was so important.  Remember Iowa was a Caucus, a collection of people from the party stating which candidate they like the best.  Imagine picking teams for kick ball in grade school, and then imagine that you had millions of dollars and annoying television adds playing behind you.  New Hampshire is a primary.  A primary is where you actually vote, and cast a secret ballot.  You don’t have the embarrassment of your friends knowing which guy you support.  Now why is New Hampshire a “hail mary” pass for some of these candidates.  Many of these candidates, Gingrich and Huntsman as examples, were only able to pull single digit numbers in Iowa.  Not good at all, and if they are not able to pull double digit numbers at least in New Hampshire it shows their campaigns to be ineffective and that their support should go to another candidate.  Hopefully after New Hampshire we will have two or three Republican Candidates and the party can start solidifying, if not there is no way that the party can get themselves  back together in time to beat Obama in the general election.


An Important Question for the Republican Party

Friday, January 6th, 2012
The red "GOP" logo used by the party...

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After seeing the ridiculously close returns for the Iowa Caucus and now moving into the New Hampshire primary my question for Republicans is this, Will you support a candidate that you kind of like?  This is a primary race where the person who is at the top, nobody wants to be president.  It’s so strange, so many people are looking for the “anti- Romney” candidate, and yet how is he leading all these poles.  If he is so different, so much against the Republican grain why is it that people, large amounts of people, are supporting him.  What about someone like Paul or Santorum?  What if either of these gentlemen is able to take the top spot?  Most political analysts know that South Carolina is one of the major states for Republicans, so those results will be very important.  My question for Republicans is this, will the party rally behind a Romney or a Paul, or will a third party candidate show up?  And if that happens, how can you expect to compete?  A Mitt Romney or a Ron Paul can catch voters that are disheartened by President Barak ObamaRick Santorum, not so much.  Republicans, get your heads out of your butts and realize that with a Romney or a Paul, you may have a shot at winning without them however I see the doom of a third party and a victory for Obama.


Iowa Caucus

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012
Iowa Caucus - Illustration

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I am now officially back from my Turkish vacation, eating my half kilo of Turkish Delights and reading about the Iowa Caucus.  I think this may just be me, but I sometimes like to imagine a political race like watching American Gladiators, especially “The Eliminator,” and see how they survive.  Herman Cain could not defeat the “sex scandal” obstacle, and it seems as though Michele Bachmann has hit the “popularity snag.”  And Mr. Gingrich may lose the hike over “morality mountain.”  We look at the top three contenders from the Iowa Cacus, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.  Now Romney technically won the Iowa Caucus, by 8 votes.  In the sports world that’s a photo finish, but in a political primary that means absolutely nothing.  Considering that Romney and Santorum each held roughly 24.6% of the vote, and Paul held about 21% of the vote.  The Republicans were hoping that the Iowa caucus would give a better indication of who would be the candidate to defeat Obama, or at least who would be the “anti Romney” candidate and now the party is more disjointed than ever.  Now we will see more trash talk and villany pulled out of these candidates with average citizens having to pick from the best of back stabbers and cheats?!  Most Democrats I know see the Republican race as a melodrama being played out on national television for their entertainment, and it is, because the party will not be strong enough to defeat Obama if they can’t get their party in order.  On to New Hampshire, bring a towel though to wipe your face from all the mud these candidates will be slinging at each other.


Does Ron Paul REALLY Have a Shot at the Nomination…

Sunday, December 18th, 2011
Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

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This is a question that is on many a political commentator’s mind.  Ron Paul the Pro- Life Libertarian in Republican clothing seems to have a huge following and this is surprising many Republicans, considering how much the media is pushing Gingrich now.  Could he do it?  Could he actually take the nomination?  Well the political commentator says, he has a decent shot.  We all know, painfully, that during a normal election cycle that whoever has the biggest bank account or whoever has supporters with the biggest bank accounts will take the nomination.  Frankly this seems to be an unusual election.  As Time says the person of the year is “the Protester” and these people have been making their mark all over the world, but what does this mean for the US election.  People aren’t happy with “Government As Usual” and they aren’t happy with how the politicians are treating things.  The truth is that Obama has done a lot of good for the American people, but most of them don’t see it on the street, and their friend just got laid off.  People feel that governments, not just in America, have gotten to big and too powerful and the people want to take the government back.  This is what Ron Paul offers, a person who wants less government intrusion into a person’s life, a smaller government and a tax code that seems to make a lot of sense.  Could this be a case of idealism, of corse.  Could this work, not when laws are created by CONGRESS and not the president.  Could Paul get the nomination, that remains to be seen.  Let’s look at the top three contenders, in my POV, Romney, Gingrich, and Paul.  Romney is slick and has a lot of cash, could give Obama a run for his money in a general election, will never win the nomination because the south will never vote for him.  Gingrich has become the new political darling, and would be fun to see debating Obama, but this would become a question of ethic, and flip flopping, and marital scandals, I REALLY HOPE this paring doesn’t happen, if it does OBAMA WILL CRUSH HIM plain and simple because Gingrich will not win the undecideds and the Libertarians.  Ron Paul has the issue that the Republican party doesn’t take him seriously, he doesn’t get the commercial and face time that other candidates do.  His winning the nomination is a big question, but I think that Paul has the best chance at defeating Obama, because he can grab the disheartened voters better than Romney or Gingrich.  But as the original question stands, can Paul win the nomination…. it’s possible.


What’s Up with Ron Paul?

Saturday, November 19th, 2011
Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

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Ok, so I am trying to figure this out and maybe my readers can help me with this.  What’s up with Ron Paul.  Not four years ago this guy was considered “out there” and fringe and many people, myself included, thought he was weird.  Now though he’s starting to make a lot of sense, and he’s making a lot of sense to a lot of people.  Am I disillusioned by Obama?  Yes.  You see Obama and his campaigned promised so much more.  He sold hope, and while FDR sold hope as well, he showed action in a big way.  I have a history degree, I know that FDR’s polices didn’t end the great depression, but they gave hope.  All of his programs showed the government doing something.  FDR didn’t have the CNN effect to worry about, but I digress.  Ron Paul’s statements 4 years ago, are now ringing all too true, and he makes a lot of sense.  His campaign isn’t filled with as much rhetoric as any of the other candidates, because he backs himself up with facts and statistics that make a lot of sense.  If you look at the numbers, those who say they are voting for Ron Paul are sure about their decision, and considering that a lot of early primaries are in caucus states, then I think this could make a great deal of difference when the nomination is finally announced.  Who knows but I think we should all keep our eyes on Ron Paul and see what happens next.


Is the Generation Gap Real?

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

I have been reading on the blogosphere and in the Times about this “generation gap,” and I have been wondering, is this real or another media catchphrase.  The term “generation gap” was used to describe what is now the “baby boomers” and their parents, who were called the “silent majority.”  Now in what I think is a great political turn the baby boomers are being called by Michael Crowley from the Times the “Silent Generation” and the people in my generation, yes I am under 30, “the Millennials.”  Yes this is a great example of history repeating itself and showing that people become more conservative as time goes on, but what this shows is there is another gap forming, and it isn’t just right and left.  Crowley’s article made all those in the Silent Generation out to be fearful of technology and against gay marriage, and all the Millennials out to be Obama lovers who can’t get off of their smartphones, that may be true for those who have smartphones.  This split could have a huge impact on the 2012 election, because Millennials do outnumber baby boomers, but are politically disheartened because the economic problems have hit them closest to home.  Most of the Silent Generation are already on Social Security and no politician in their right mind will touch that.  The Millennials have an enormous political power that they aren’t exercising and the GOP is pretty much ignoring, except for Ron Paul.  Do I think the Generation Gap is real, I do,  but this time the generation gap isn’t about free love and drugs, it’s about affordable college educations, healthcare, and equal rights.


Your Republican Presidential Candidate… Ron Paul

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Ron Paul isn’t your average Republican candidate.  Ron Paul was a Doctor for many years before becoming involved in politics.  He is considered by some to be the grandfather of the Tea Party.  Ron Paul on most accounts is one of the few, or maybe the only, Congressperson who sticks to their principals and never waivers.  He may become more or less popular but his ideas are his and those don’t change due to the times or popular opinion.  I do admire him for that.  Ron Paul has served in the House of Representatives from 1976-77, 1979-85, and from 1997 to the present and has announced that he will not seek another term in the House to concentrate on his presidential campaign.  This is the third presidential campaign for Paul.  Paul ran for president in 1988 as a Libertarian, 2008 as a Republican and is currently running as a Republican.

Ron Paul is very straightforward on the issues.  Paul is a strict constructionist.  That term is generally used when talking about judges but with Paul it’s appropriate.  He believes in following the Constitution to the letter and doesn’t vote for a bill that goes against the constitution.  What exactly does that mean?  There are two “camps” in politics and in political circles, those who see the constitution as a “living document” and those who are “strict constructionist.”  Those who see the constitution as a “living document” believe that the interpretation of the constitution should change over time, because of the changes in the times, morals and technology.  Paul believes in a very limited federal government, especially because the 10th amendment of the Constitution gives any power not in the constitution to the states, and that is where Paul believes they belong.  Paul would overturn Roe v Wade and do everything in his power to prevent abortion from ever being a federal issue and to leave that issue to the states.  Paul would get rid of the Federal Reserve System as it stands today, an organization with very little oversight that controls so much of our lives.  Paul is pro second amendment and his voting record proves this.  The one thing that separates Paul from the pack is that he wants to pull back from the UN, he believes that the United States needs to stop policing the world and that we should only fight when our nation’s security is at risk.  His entire voting record is online and he is ever open with his positions and doesn’t use a lot of rhetoric.  Ron Paul is really for returning America to a more traditional interpretation to the constitution and in turn to a much smaller government.  He runs a very intelligent campaign and I hope that he is able to get through because his ideas are good for the country.

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