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Flu Shot Shortage

When the “Swine Flu” scare in March materialized out of Mexico many wondered what would happen? Would it be a global pandemic, would people just die, would the swine flu be a death sentence? Now that those fears have been answered by reason, and people know that the swine flu is just that, the flu. To be more specific the H1N1 virus, people are still freaking out that there isn’t enough vaccine. These vaccine manufacturers told the president that there would be 120 million doses, enough to vaccinate about half of the American population by the end of October. To date there are about 26.5 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine, and people are blaming the president. He organized the biggest public health campaign, teaching kids the best ways to not spread the virus, but he’s supposed to be able to control scientist. Truth is I’m scared of a vaccine that has come out so quickly. How do we really know that it is safe. Normally the FDA doesn’t allow drugs to come out without 5-10 years of testing. Of course in the case of a pandemic those rules had to be lifted. I just want to see what will happen next, and if Fox News will blame the president for this, just like they blame the president and democrats for everything else.

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