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Fmr President Clinton saves Lisa Ling’s sister from N. Korea

Two journalist working for Al Gore‘s media company doing a story about woman’s rights and human trafficking were captured by North Korean military and sentenced to twelve years in hard labor camps were brought home yesterday by the diplomatic efforts of one fmr President Bill Clinton. Now when Laura Ling and Euna Lee stepped into North Korean territory to do this story they must have known the dangers of being captured, but were willing to take that risk in order to write and produce the most compelling story they could. It strikes me sometimes how Americans at times feel as though they have a right to go anyplace in the world and do what ever they want without fear of repercussions. We go to other countries and don’t always take into account their laws or customs. Now I may be playing devils advocate here but if somebody came in from N. Korea and snuck into our country illegally and was doing a story about how horrible something in our country was, would they be arrested? Of course they would be, and heck probably be charged as spies or something like that. What to me doesn’t always make sense is this, if an American takes the risk to go to another country with different laws and different customs, doesn’t that also mean that we take the risk to being charged with the crimes of that country, even if the punishment isn’t the same as it is in this country. If these woman would have been put to death for what they did, then i could understand the international outrage, but I almost feel as though we are making a big deal over something that in all reality is two journalist taking a chance and not being able to talk their way out of it.

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