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HealthCare Passes the House 220-215

Part one of real health care reform has begun. With the House passing health care reform 220-215 it is now up to the Senate to get this bill to the president, but I don’t think it will be as easy as some think. This issue has been decisive. And with President Obama’s creditably riding on this issue, nobody is going to take this issue lightly. The biggest bone of contention being the “Public Option.” Which some believe takes away choice, and in this country nobody ever wants to take away choice. My question to those who are against the Public Option, doesn’t the word option signify choice. Well it isn’t your choice to pay the billions of dollars each year that trickles down to the taxpayer who has to pay the medical bills of the poor and uninsured. These bills being higher because when these people reach a doctor’s office it is more likely they will be sicker, and more in need of care. This H1N1 epidemic really shows the necessity for each American to be able to reach solid medical care, and to not flood our emergency rooms. I just think that a bigger fight is about to brew, and we as Americans, I hope, will benefit and not suffer.

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