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Hey Look There’s a Two Front War

Generals say that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating even while Afghanistan is in the middle of its Presidential election. The Taliban is getting more sophisticated with its tactics. And that the Afghan army isn’t helping with this insurgency. Well we all knew that the Taliban would get more sophisticated, but what’s this with the Afghan army not doing their part. It’s extremely frustrating that when our country came in, kicked out a terrorist group, and helped you establish a democratic country the least your army could do is work with our army. This is getting frustrating and America cannot afford to stay there forever. At least at the numbers we are at. Senator McCain said that there is a public pressure not to increase the number of troops there, even though President Obama has already promised the Generals over there 17,000 more troops. Here’s the thing, the American people aren’t generals, so if we are going to fight a war over there, I think we should do it right and not have men die needlessly because there wasn’t enough support. If you want to question the war and all that, do it, if you want us to pull out have it be at once and not when we need more combat troops.

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