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What is a “George Washington”

On November 18, 2009 Corazon Aquino, first Democratic leader of the Philippines passed away. What do our founding men and women really say about a country?  After the long reign of Marcos, Aquino led the country to democratic freedom under the banner of “People Power,” and helped lead a bloodless revolution that ended a dictatorial government. Although Aquino was criticized for not going far enough with her polices and actions her presidency survived for six years was succeeded by another democratically elected president.

This got me thinking about how Americans and people the world over think about their leaders, and then how we rewrite history when they die. Let’s take a great current example of Ronald Reagan. Now before Reagan’s death when people discussed his polices all one heard was Reaganomics this and didn’t care about the poor that. And when he died it was, Reagan ended the Cold War, Reagan made being a conservative cool again. For one thing I don’t need a man with Alzheimer’s to make being a conservative cool. I just love how politics is relative to the opinion of people. I guess that’s why I double majored in history and politics in college because there is always a bias in both fields but it’s harder to argue with history because you have documents, physical evidence of the who, what, when where, and how. Now politics will answer the why, but babe there sure is a lot of why and it seems to me every 50 years that why can change.

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