NFL and Concussions

I know that I don’t seem to be a very sporty girl, but I am a huge football fan.  GO BEARS! yeah I know I know  and I don’t want comments about my childhood to falter the idea of this post.  I was looking at my twitter at a recent article published online about the NFL changing its concussion policy.  It now states that a player cannot return to play the same game with a concussion and has to be examined by an outside neurologists and I say good.  Thank god that the NFL is finally setting an example to the rest of the sports world.  I know that each high school, college and sport have their own polices and rulings but I know my brother got hurt so much worse after his second concussion than his first wrestling.  I just think that professional athletics need to know that their polices will be the mirror that colleges and then high schools will take, especially with injury practical.

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