AIDS vs Diarrhea

Now this may sound like a weird concept, that there is a competition between AIDS and diarrhea, but in the area of funding there is.  According to the New York Times article “New US Plan to Battle Aids Slows Growth in Treatment,” the Obama administration is shifting its focus from putting everyone on anti-viral medication to prevention, and is then allocating those funds for what are named, lower cost diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, and malnutrition.  With the same funds the Obama administration can save millions of more young lives. This isn’t a pay Peter with Paul’s money or however that saying goes.  He’s still funding AIDS research and is still putting people on antiviral medication, just not at the rate that AIDS activist expected or wanted.  In reality as Americans where should we want our money spent.  I know this sounds morbid but if we can teach a kid to prevent aides, and save him from malaria, isn’t that better.  Wouldn’t we end up saving more lives that way then with all the antiviral medication in the world.  We don’t have a cure yet, and if we can teach that abstinence, condoms, and a committed relationship can prevent AIDS from happening wouldn’t that save many more lives.

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