The Government is Invading Twitter

Do we truly expect privacy on the internet?  I mean really?  Those of us who put our lives on Facebook and twitter, do we think that information can’t be found by somebody we don’t want.  I was reading the Editorial page on the New York Times and apparently it is known that different federal agencies are joining different social networks:  ie Facebook, MySpace, and twitter,  to find people who are doing illegal things.  The question that the author of this editorial asks is whether or not we should expect privacy on these social networks as we do in our homes.  In all reality i don’t think so.  The internet isn’t private, even if one puts all of their privacy settings up so that only your friends can see anything on your Facebook page that there is something that everyone else can see, and you can be found.  What you do in your groups can be seen by everyone.  I say if you choose to join these online social networks, you are puting your information online, and you are putting your information out there without the belief of privacy.


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