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Christmas a Controversy

It’s funny to me but one of my favorite times of year has, as Stephen Colbert would say, come under attack.  It hasn’t come under attack by church, or the mall, or the courts, but by our own need to please everyone.  Now what I am talking about is the great Christmas Controversy.  Should we tell people Merry Christmas, can we talk about Santa, have a manger seen in our front yard, can the teacher put a Christmas tree up in the classroom.  I’m sorry but political correctness has taken the fun and excitement out of the holiday season.  I substitute teach at an elementary school with a 25% Muslim population, and the teachers had a meeting with the parents about this and the parents told the teacher, to paraphrase, that the children know that most students believe in Santa and are Christian.  The school has recognition of Ede also.  Most average citizens, of whatever faith are willing to compromise.  I just think that people need to be given more credit, and the magic needs to be put back into the holidays.  If you say Merry Christmas to a Jewish person, most will just say thank you, because this person knows you are wishing them nothing but good wishes.

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