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China vs the Rest of the World on Climate

So in Denmark President Obama gave a speech on climate change.  How the time for talk is over and we need real action, and not only action that countries need a way to monitor each other.  This statement coming from the leader of America, the last major country that hasn’t signed the Kyoto Protocol.   Honestly to have a binding agreement major polluters would have to get involved with climate change discussions. The problem is that most major polluters are developing nations.  China and India are now some of the biggest polluters in the world.  European nations are balking, and I feel rightly so, why do we need to lower our emissions when these countries don’t.  These countries pollute and get favored trade status and we have to treat them with kid gloves because they are developing superpowers.  Now I know that it’s a bit hypocritical for the US and Western Europe to say this to other developing nations, because we polluted when we were developing, but there is new technology and countries who are willing to pay to help.  To quote the president, “the time for action is now.”

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