Swine Flu Vaccine Reactions

According to the New York Times the way the American Government handled the swine flu pandemic was a triumph, although they only gave themselves a rating of a B-.  Some of the great triumph were in debunking rumors, and quickly and efficiently passing out information.  Some of the major downfalls were not knowing about this sooner and being too optimistic about how fast and how much of the vaccine there would be by a given time.

Honestly I see the best way to look at this is not at what the government did to get a vaccine out, but more how the people reacted to this sort of outbreak.  In this modern era of cell phones and iPods that can fit in your back pocket people don’t think about illness and plague.  Those sorts of things are so last millenium, but in reality these things are extremely real, and this moment in history reminded people how real illness still is, and how far modern medicine has and hadn’t come.

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