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Airplanes Terrorism and Stupidity

Why in the world do people still try to commit acts of terrorism on airplanes, and how is it that people can still get so close.  As we all know, unless you’ve been under the rock call Christmas, a terrorist was almost able to light an incendiary device on an airplane going to Detroit.  Now with this knowledge the FAA has imposed new travel restrictions, the biggest 2 being that a person cannot have anything in their lap the last ninety minutes of travel and a person can’t get out of their seats the last  30 minutes of their flight.  Meaning for a flight of 90 minutes or less you wouldn’t be able to get out of your seat.  Look for the availability of first class tickets to decrease, since everyone should defiantly want those big comfy seats.  Now adding taking your shoes off cause of the shoe bomber what’s next?  What’s the new way that terrorist are going to wreck air travel.  Can’t wait to see photos of the President and his family coming home from Hawaii on Air Force One, no need to take off your shoes there.


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