Bra Colors and Breast Awareness

So ok there was this thing on Facebook where women were posting their bra colors on Facebook to raise awareness about brest cancer.  I have no idea how breast cancer awareness can be raised by posting your bra color but I played along with my friends.  I was thinking about this, after i read a blog post my friend Katie posted and was wondering if this wasn’t just really insensitive.  I mean think about it.  Breast cancer is about the boobies, and bras are all apart of the boobies, but a lot of women who have survived brest cancer do not have boobies, and in turn don’t wear bras, so they can’t take part.  All this Facebook thing did was tell you to post your bra color, nothing about self checks or nothing.  Is this sort of viral thing insulting to those survivors without breasts?  Does this sort of thing remind them of not having breasts?  Or is this sort of thing harmless fun for people, and that it actually raises awareness of breast cancer and reminds people with boobs to be grateful for them and to do self checks.  I don’t know what do you think?

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