Obama’s Agenda

So I think some or all of us have thought about the Obama agenda after the loss of Massachusetts how loosing one seat in the Senate will actually affect the Obama agenda.  Well first thing the Democrats have lost their supermajority, for now at least.
That means that the Democrats can’t just push their bills and issues through congress without the Republican‘s approval and opinions on the bills.  I honestly think that losing the Supermajority is the best thing for the Democrats and the country.  In all honesty one party voting on party line and party issues cannot bring the change needed to help this country.  More people need to put their voices in on these issues.  More people need to give ideas on how to fix the economy, create jobs and with healthcare.  I honestly believe that the Republicans could help bring some focus and perspective to this debate.  Healthcare isn’t just a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s a people issue and we all need to get involved.  The people of Massachusetts made their voices perfectly clear when they voted Republican Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy’s senate seat.  It was hopefully the wake up call that the Obama administration needed.  Obama and the other Democrats need to know that the focus of the American people‘s attention isn’t on healthcare, it’s on jobs, it’s on the economy, it’s on the housing market.  The people in this country want to feel safe in their jobs and safe in their homes.  Once they feel safe with those first two things then they will be more willing to worry about their health and the health of the working poor.  When they have jobs and homes the american people will care about the war.  People want to feel safe with their needs first.


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