Tiger Wood’s Self Flagellation

Now I am sure all of us in this world have, by now seen the Tiger Woods apology.  The world stopped while Tiger Woods basically committed the most public act of self-flagellation that any member in the public eye has committed in my life time, and here is what I have to say.  Good for him.  I know Tiger Woods paid a great deal of money for that speech, don’t get me wrong, but he said it.  Tiger Woods apologized for all his actions and took responsibility for them.  The thing is I don’t know what kind of career Woods will have after this.  Don’t get me wrong Tiger Woods is definitely talented, and one of the greatest golfers to ever live, but isn’t it funny that weeks after it is announced that Woods is a billion dollar athlete all of these issues come to light.  Tiger Woods was known as a family man and a guy to be looked up to, now he is known as a womanizer and a player, he may keep Nike as a sponsor but I don’t see him ever getting the endorsements that he got before.

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