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Where Did Decorum Go Congressman?

Randy Neugebauer
, Republican Texas, sunday night in a heated debate shouted “Baby Killer” on the House floor while Rep. Bart Stupak was giving a speech on the health care bill.  Stupak was key in passing the last-minute amendment that stated that no federal funds would be used for abortion.  Neugebauer has stated that his comment was out of line and he apologizes for the comment.  He says that he was impassioned in the moment and he is saddened by the passage of the health care bill and all the unborn lives it will cost.

I have two comments about this.  First doesn’t this remind you a lot of the Joe Wilson “you lie” out burst.  Are republicans forgetting that the senate and house are places of decorum and not a place to sling insults.  The insult slinging is best left for the media and for the news circuit.  I don’t know but it seems to me that the mudslinging in the media has gone into the house and senate chambers and this needs to stop.  Seriously these men are supposed to be professional and the leaders of our nation, and not school yard bullies.

Second of all I consider myself pro-life, and I would like to know how this bill, with the addition of the Stupak amendment, will kill anymore babies.  On the contrary I feel as though less babies will be killed since by presidential order there will not be any loopholes in medicare/Medicaid that will allow any money used for abortions.  I think we as americans need to look at the bill as a whole and stop looking at the mudslinging language.

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