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Pakistan, India, and Nukes

Ok so I know that we all have been hearing a lot about nuclear weapons.  Basically President Obama just signed a treaty with the President of Russia stating they would destroy a number of weapons they had during the cold war.  Here’s the other part of this story, three months ago intelligence experts saw a tell-tale smoke in Pakistan, this tell-tale smoke tells us that Pakistan is working on weapons grade fuel.  Now why would this be a big deal, except of the fact that this country doesn’t like the proliferation of nuclear weapons, under the Bush administration the moratorium on providing tools and technology for nuclear weapons ended.  Pakistan and India have never been friendly to each other.  The only relations these two countries have ever had has been violent, so both of these countries having nuclear weapons, with al-Qaeda in the area is detrimental to the national security of any country.  President Obama will hold a meeting with the leaders of 47 countries this week to discuss how to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, but not discuss this issue specifically.  I wish I thought this meeting would help this issue.

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