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November Elections, History Repeating Itself

So the nation has been battling in a fierce debate over this nation’s healthcare system.  How will american’s fund their national healthcare system.  And the truth is at the moment the american people don’t want to hear about it.  The country is embattled in an economic crisis of proportions not seen since the Great Depression, and they are waiting for the government to do something about it.  When the Congress and President focuses more on healthcare than the economy the people react at the midterm election, and a lot of democrats lose their jobs in both the house and the senate.  So many in fact that in 94 the republicans take back both the house and the senate.  This mid-term election seems to be a retelling of the same story.  Many incumbant democrats are going to lose their jobs.  There is no question about this.  The question is how will Obama deal with this.  Will he become more of a centrist like Clinton did and focus on the economy, or will he be steadfast in his principles.  Only time will tell.  The only way Obama will keep his job in 2012 is if he does this.  The people need jobs, then they will care about their healthcare, democrats don’t seem to know when to try to pass healthcare reform.  Cause to quote a famous Democrat right now “it’s the economy stupid.”

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