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Four Loko: What do I think of this Ban..

As a person who has an opinion about, well just about everything I thought it my right and duty to tell you my opinion about the possible ban on Four Loko around America.  THANK GOD!  Here’s the thing, legally people over the age of 21 should be drinking these mixes of alcohol and energy drinks.  When, most people, become 21 their nights of binge drinking end after their 21st birthday party. There is not excitement in drinking as much as you can anymore when you can buy beer whenever you want.  This is how Americans drink.  As I have traveled through Europe I have noticed something, Europeans do not drink to get drunk and if they get overly intoxicated it is considered rude.  Although teenagers seem to be copying american style drinking that they see in the movies.  Any way back to my point, Four Loko looks like an energy drink, the can, looks like a can of Monster.  Teenagers can chug a can of Monster and then drink 3 more in one day without a problem.  This is the reason that teenagers are dyeing.  Teenagers do not know anything about booze, you learn through experimenting.  Alcohol without mixing high doses of caffeine is self-regulating, after a while you feel drunk and tired and you stop drinking.  Not when you mix energy drinks.  When you mix energy drinks the tired feeling doesn’t show up when it should.  I have my own personal experience with Vodka/Red Bull that I am not looking to share at the moment.  A drink, that looks like an energy drink, that has fruit flavors sells great to underage drinkers.  According to family and friends I have all over america Four Loko sells near the malt liquor, which is near the energy drinks.  Here’s my opinion, Four Loko is dangerous for people who have no experience with hard alcohol.  Four Loko needs to change their labeling and bottling to not look like Monster or other popular energy drinks and have clear labels that say this is an alcoholic beverage.  I don’t believe in an all out ban, unless the company isn’t willing to address these problems.  Alcohol and energy drinks are a dangerous cocktail and people need to be warned.

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