I Seriously Don’t Understand Politicians

Ok I get it, Obama was pushing his own agenda with healthcare reform and more social reform than the people were looking for and the Republicans took a major victory in the midterm election.  

Now it looks to me that the Republicans are doing the same darn thing now that they are in power.  According to yesterday’s New York Times, with this new surge in Republican power state lawmakers are looking to pass restrictions and bans on abortion.  

Now anybody who reads this blog knows my opinion on abortion, and that would go on another post, but my real question is, what about jobs?  The thing that people really care about, job creation, and stimulating the economy.  

Now, most polls indicate increased consumer confidence at the moment but still as Bill Clinton said during his first run for office, “it’s the economy stupid.”  It seems to me we will have a repeat of the 1996 election and hopefully the same economy that Clinton left us with, but not the philandering or the threat of Osama again.  Who knows, but I’m just saying that seriously law makers need to remember that they are elected for the people and not their party agenda.

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