Pro Life Frustrations

I come to this post kind of in a state of shock and awe and a little bit of disbelief in the state of the world.  We live in a world that nobody could have dreamed of and yet none of us is happy.  

The question is should we be happy at where we are.  If our parent’s generation had been happy would we have had the leaps and bounds in technology, philosophy, and Starbucks?  I think not.  Just because something is better than it was in the previous generation doesn’t mean that we have to keep it that way.  

I know I am going to hit a controversial subject but I don’t care.  I consider myself a feminist.  I consider myself a feminist because I believe a woman has the right to choose to be whatever she wants to be:  wife, mother, cook, teacher, President of the United States, or Miss America.  I seriously go back and forth on the issue of abortion.  

I do not believe in abortion, I would never have an abortion, and that is my bottom line.  The question is does the government have the right to choose for a woman what she can and cannot do with her body?  I believe no.  I believe abortion is horrible, but I don’t think it’s a government’s place to intervene.  I believe the way to change a culture is not with legislation, but with a movement, a movement of the soul.  

The problem with most pro-life people today is that their speech is so negative, so disheartening, all it does is offend people: don’t get me wrong the pro-choice people are just as bad.  Abortion creates a culture that forces women to feel as though she has to live on a masculine timetable of when a child is convenient and teaches men that it’s the woman’s responsibility to deal with all the consequences of premarital sex, “why should I have to deal with it when she can just get an abortion.”  The truth is it is not the place of the government to make this act illegal.  It is the place of the church and family to teach men and women good morals and values and bring abortion to an end the old fashion way, by not having them.

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