Sex and Gender

I know this Subject is Annoying

Now let me state this, I am prolife, but not in the same way that most are.  I do not believe that a government has a right to tell a person how to treat their body.  What I think is that society must change around the government.  

Society must be the ones to change this open attitude about sex and about abortion, and yes even put a stigma on it.  I know that sounds cold, but the way this battle is occurring in the media is crude and wrong.  Republicans putting blatant lies and pro- life supporters are holding sting operations to destroy Planned Parenthood.  

Don’t get me wrong, abortion is an evil thing, but cancer screening for low-income women isn’t.  Teaching women and men about safer sex practices aren’t evil.  

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, but if we didn’t live in a society that was so permissive about abortion, Planned Parenthood would be seen as a good thing that helps the poor and prevents cancer.  

How do we deal with this dichotomy?  Education, self-esteem, and teaching girls that they are worth waiting for.  If we moved our society back to a place where saving yourself for marriage meant something, the number of abortions would then go down to those that are what some doctors say are “medically necessary.”  Rather than fighting a moral battle in the State Houses and Legislatures, we need to fight this battle in the church, home and school.

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