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Are relationships political?

Are relationships political?  That is the question I asked myself after watching an episode of Sex and the City last night.  This would be for fans the episode where Carrie started dating a politician and he wanted her to pee on him.

Here’s my question: in the real world are relationships that complicated?  Do women and men have to do some sort of dance to make each other happy?  I am currently in a long-distance relationship and I would say YES this sort of relationship is very political because the rules are so flimsy. When you elect a politician, he or she makes a lot of campaign promises that you hope he or she will fulfil when elected. You know that the politician can easily do whatever he or she wants when that person actually gets into office.

That is the same with a long-distance relationship.  You make a million promises to each other, but you live off of blind faith.  Is that faith bad?  When it comes to politics, it can lead to great leaps and bounds in social change, fair housing, civil rights, etc.  In a long-distance relationship, if there is an endpoint, it can lead to a strengthening of that commitment and a long-term future.  Is that faith difficult? Yes, it is.  The election cycle is almost 2 years long for presidential races; members of the House of Representative are screwed if they don’t live up to their promises.  Voters don’t forget and if you don’t keep your promises you don’t get reelected.  It’s the same in a relationship: if you don’t keep your promises you don’t stay in a relationship too long. Unless you can live with the guilt that a secret will give you.

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