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NATO and America

NATO, relic or necessary?  

That is the question on the minds of many.  And in a day in age where the United States is in debt up to its eyeballs, should the United States feel a historical obligation to pay for everything.  

According to the New York Times, yesterday current Defense Secretary Robert Gates called out NATO, for their lack of spending on the air raids in Libya.  The United States, who was supposed to take a secondary role in this conflict has already spent over half a million dollars.  This is also with the war in Afghanistan that is supposed to be a NATO coalition force, although most of the soldiers there are American.  

Currently and historically due to NATO Europeans have been able to fund more social projects because they know that America, at some point, will come to there rescue with defence, and weapons, and whatever other military equipment they need.  The frustration the Robert Gates showed so candidly and what other lawmakers in Washington are the same feelings that Americans feel.  

Of course, this is why America didn’t get involved in WWII for so long.  Why should we spend the money, and send our troops and watch our sons and daughters die for something happening over there?  Of course, times are different.  With the internet and TV, any conflict is streamed right into our living rooms, we see people dying in front of us.  

So the real question is, why should we pay for it all.  And in my humble opinion, that is the better question.  These countries need to take care of themselves.  Spend some of the money you use for free universities and build a plane or two.  Let America use the money it doesn’t have to take care of its citizens.

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