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To Insanity and Beyond

Alright, I know that I have been overseas for the last year, but even I couldn’t help to hear about what crazy stuff our Congressmen and President have been up to.  

It seems that in the last year the American government has gone to the brink of insanity and beyond at some points.  I have siblings, and I shared a room with my older sister my entire life, and my mother always told me that we had to share and compromise.  

Compromise seems to be a word that the Republicans don’t know.  Republicans were able to get 90% of what they wanted by agreeing to raise the debt ceiling and not touch Medicare or Medicaid…yet, and yet many of the Republican leaders, mostly backed by the Tea Party call this a Legislative failure.  No this was a failure in doing your job and protecting the entrusts of the American people.  

The government is in a recession, and we don’t need the entire government’s credit rating going down the crap hole just because the far-right wants something the Democrats have put their foot down on.  Yes, the National Debt is too high, I agree.  But we can’t make more money in America, bring in more National Revenue unless we are willing to raise taxes and lessen our foreign commitments.  

America isn’t a manufacturing country anymore, we don’t export anything, we import.  We have to cut the bull and realize that until there are more jobs created here we have to raise taxes, maybe if we raise taxes it will make the rich want to hire more people, that way their taxes are lowered.  The American people need jobs and to know that their government officials aren’t going to take their government to the brink of collapse every time both sides don’t agree on something.  This doesn’t look good for anyone with the upcoming election.

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