2012 Election

2012 Elections

Can you believe that almost four years ago the nation elected the first African-American president? Now the question on many people’s minds is quite simple: will he get elected again? In November, 2012, the US will have another presidential election and the candidates are already gearing up on the Republican side.  It’s already been stated that President Obama will run for a second term on the Democratic side, so no need for a primary in that camp.

The Republican candidates are working their tails off for the February primaries where the die-hard Republicans will choose their candidate for President. Now, why do I say die-hard? Because, during a primary, that is who votes.  The average voter is too lazy to vote in a primary election but then complains about how the candidate doesn’t cater to the average voter.  That’s because the average voter only votes in November elections.  In the next few weeks, I will be doing profiles of the top contenders for President. Currently, I am doing research on Michele Bachmann, the controversial Tea Party Republican candidate.  I hope this will help all make informed decisions.

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