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Candidate Profile: Vern Wuensche

Hello readers.   As promised I will begin a series of weekly postings about the Republican Presidential candidates, that way if you are a Republican you can make an informed decision, and if you are not, then at least you know what you are talking about when you are mocking individual candidates.  First of all I would like to say that I am taking my list of candidates from the website 2012.republican-candidates.org .  I know that some of you out there will disagree with me not including such characters as Sarah Palin, but as of yet she has not declared her candidacy and I am not taking my time for people who won’t make up their minds.  So to begin the first candidate I will bring to you, in reverse alphabetical order is Vern Wuenche.

Verne Wuenche pronounced (win she) is a tenacious candidate who has spent his entire life proving people wrong and doing so on the regular person’s budget.  He is a businessman out of the state of Texas.  Wuensche isn’t one of the most popular candidates but his points of view are very down to earth, and maybe a little naïve.  People on unemployment don’t want to work because they get money for free, so let’s take them off unemployment so they will find jobs.  As opposed to realizing that these magical jobs don’t exist.  Wuensche ran in 2008 and was able to place 10th, in a field of 17 in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries while only spending $36,159, which he is very proud about.  Here is the link of his beliefs and campaign point https://voteforvern.com/issues.html but the ones that really got to me were, eliminate unions, allow the line-item veto, repeal the minimum wage, create a state-based id card system (don’t we already have that?), reinstate ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ (why does he put that under national security?), focus on preventive health care, require proof of citizenship to vote (only American citizens can vote), institute term limits on congressmen, repeal hate crime laws (that’s an American value?).  Yes this guy who has a lot of point that people agree with also has a lot of points that make no sense whatever.  But alas he is one of the choices that Republicans have.  So let’s see what happens in Iowa again.

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